Nick Mallett is the most experienced English Lawyer working in the Direct Selling Industry

Nick’s remit sits in all things legal, as they apply to specialisms of the complex and challenging arenas of Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Single and Multi-level Marketing – MLM (being especially careful to avoid Pyramid Selling).

Holding a high profile within the legal profession, Nick has been a member of the Commercial Law Committee of the City of London Law Society since the mid 1990s, serving as its Chairman for five years. He also represented the National Law Society in negotiations with the European Commission and members of the European Parliament on commercial law and contract reform.

Client Stuart Lotherington, a Sales Force Effectiveness professional, describes Nick, who by his own admission ‘enjoys nothing more than working with people and teams and getting the job done’, as ‘a rarity in the legal profession’.

“I have found Nick one of those rare people in the legal profession who has a great way
of relating to you; giving you a real feeling of help and understanding. He cuts to the chase; tells you how it really is and looks to find a way…”

A Global Perspective
Nick’s core work has been in the commercial and regulatory spheres, helping clients to minimise risks and take advantage of opportunities.

Much of this work has also involved preparing businesses for sale or investment, along with his work as a lawyer, involving countless transactions in a variety of industries and countries.

Maintaining a worldwide network of independent commercial law firms and sound working
arrangements with lawyers across the globe, is that which enables PAN European Direct Selling
Solutions to retain for our industry clients, expert legal advice in any geographic region on the globe.

It’s always good to let the client’s do the talking… Rob Jenkins of Customs Connect tells us:

“Nick has excellent people skills and is great at pulling a team together and getting everyone working effectively. I have really enjoyed working with him on a number of client projects and actively look for opportunities to introduce him to my clients. It is a shame Nick’s sound business judgement does not extend to his choice of football team.”

For all things legal -email:
Mobile: +44(0)7711 037330 (own line)