Customs Duties Post Brexit

The fact that Her Majesty’s Government and the EU are now preoccupied with the COVID-19 outbreak, to which even Boris Johnson and Jean-Claude Barnier succumbed, may increase the likelihood that the UK will slip out of the EU in 31 December without a trade deal.

In case that eventuality does materialise, businesses which are engaged in international trade have an even greater need to know the implications, in terms of import duties and the like.

There is scant information available to the general public, and the pages are in need of updating.

We have teamed up with our old friend Rob Jenkins, to help in this area.  Rob is another solicitor who has specialised in the tricky areas of import and export duties, VAT and suchlike, saving clients fortunes, for many years. Rob is happy to help and can be found at Barbourne Brook in Birmingham, on 0121 403 3901 or via  Please mention our name when you call.