Challenging The Word Job

This is the 5th and penultimate letter in our series of 6 Open Letters to Direct Selling Companies and Organisations. Every Tuesday for 6 weeks commencing 11 th June, we tackle some of the problems faced by the Direct Selling industry.

As enthusiastic advocates and supporters of this industry, it pains us to see the damage done to this legitimate industry sector, by new entrants who do not understand, or who sadly perhaps choose to disregard the ethos of the industry.

Such damage is not confined to new companies entering the sector. Equally, damage may be caused by people who have joined an established business, as a direct seller or as an employee, and then fail to follow the standards required.

We hope you find this series useful…

Open Letter Series – No. 5 of 6 – 9th July 2019

Our focus in this, our 5th Open Letter is… Challenging The Word “Job”

Becoming a participant in a DSO is not a “job”.

Wherever the word “job” is used (or indeed any cognate expression) in the context of our direct
selling people we should challenge it.

Recently, many companies (such as Uber, Pimlico Plumbers and Deliveroo) have had to fight in the courts to maintain the self-employed status of their salespeople. Allowing expressions like “job” to become applied to participants in Direct Selling will make the argument in favour of
self-employment, as the correct characterisation of the dealer’s status, all the more difficult to sustain.

Clearly, this is yet another thing that responsible DSOs need to monitor.
Obviously DSO organisations can’t have eyes and ears everywhere but devising a strategy to help train your people and to check the use of Social Media, which is where most of the damage is done is an important step with which we at PAN European Solutions have experience and can help.

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