Anyone Isn’t the same as everyone

This is the 6th and final letter in our series of 6 Open Letters to Direct Selling Companies and Organisations. Every Tuesday for 6 weeks commencing 11 th June, we have been tackling some of the problems faced by the Direct Selling industry.

As enthusiastic advocates and supporters of this industry, it pains us to see the damage done to this legitimate industry sector, by new entrants who do not understand, or who sadly perhaps choose to disregard the ethos of the industry.

Such damage is not confined to new companies entering the sector. Equally, damage may be caused by people who have joined an established business, as a direct seller or as an employee, and then fail to follow the standards required.

We hope you find this series useful…

Open Letter Series – No. 6 of 6 – 16th July 2019

A great deal is rightly made of the fact that there are no academic or similar qualifications required before anyone can participate in a direct selling business.

Some suggest that this is indeed part of the attraction; the fact that the door is open to anyone, without regard to gender, race, colour, creed, age… provided only that he/she is above the legal minimum age and has the right to work for immigration law purposes.

But, just because the door is open, it doesn’t mean that everyone will succeed equally.

Achievement is dependent upon many factors; a participant will not necessarily achieve his/her own goals, let alone the highest level of rewards.

There is much the DSO can do to work towards making successful appointments and developing the most successful workforces. Adopting the right assessment processes and recruiting the best –fit people into the organisation; investing in the right training for specific roles and for the Direct Selling Industry and much more. All of these are areas are those with which PAN European Solutions has a
great deal of experience in helping DSOs and about which our team is passionate.

Note: This letter is not intended to be either comprehensive or advice as to the law in any respect. If you have any comments to add/contribute please comment on this post or if you have concerns you can speak with us directly (see contact details further below).

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