Our Credentials

Pam Anthony

Pam is Managing Director of Pam Anthony Recruitment. Her Company has been trading since 2000, and specialises in Executive Recruitment and Training within the Direct Sales industry across the UK and Europe.

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Her recruitment company was the winner of the DSA Partnership Awards in both 2008 and 2011, adjudged the best of all the 60 or more accredited Suppliers to DSA member companies.
Before starting up her own business, Pam had 18 years’ experience in a variety of senior corporate sales and marketing positions with direct selling companies including The Body Shop at Home, Matchmaker Parties Limited and 13 years with Avon Cosmetics UK & Ireland.

Pam also works on a voluntary basis as a coach and mentor, supporting women entrepreneurs with the start-up of their businesses across Lancashire and, being an advocate of personal development, she has also gained a Diploma in Recruitment Practice and a post-grad certificate in Coaching and Mentoring from the University of Central Lancashire.

Pam is passionate about the industry and the unique way in which people can develop their skills and progress to build amazing businesses with the full support of those around them.

“Co-founding PAN European Solutions is a logical progression for me to be able to share my skills and experience gained over many years in the industry, working both within member companies and as a Supplier. Having collaborated with many global direct selling companies, our team can share our unique blend of expertise to ensure the success of direct selling companies and support them on their journey.”

Email: pam@paneurosolutions.com
Mobile: 07880 736575.

Allan Bell

After a twenty-year career in corporate positions in the Direct Selling industry, most recently as Managing Director of The Body Shop at Home, Allan has built a reputation as one of the most effective independent advisors in Europe.

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Able to call on a wide range of skills and experience, he can add value to any company or project.
He is one of the most learned advisors of UKVAT, as it applies to Direct Selling companies, having reclaimed over £1 million for the Body Shop and saved many hundreds of thousands for client companies since being independent.
Compensation Plan design and review is another speciality.
Any finance, operational, strategic, organisational or project matters are second nature to him and you can be sure of straightforward, valuable input.
He is now, also, beginning to develop a reputation as a speaker at distributor events.

He has also served time as DSA Council Member, Chairman of DSA Legal Affairs Committee and Chair of DSA Supplier Members.

Email: allan@paneurosolutions.com
Mobile: 07785 254050

Nick Mallett

Nick Mallett is the most experienced English lawyer working in the direct selling industry, having served as an “out-sourced in-house counsel” to many companies (both in the industry and outside it) since 1979.

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Nick’s work as a lawyer has involved countless transactions in a variety of industries and countries. His core work has been in the commercial and regulatory spheres, helping clients to minimise risks and take advantage of opportunities. Much of this work has involved preparing businesses for sale or investment.

Nick has attended and spoken at many DSA conferences, both in the UK and overseas since the early 1980s, and founded the Legal Affairs Committee of the DSA, serving as its Secretary until 2011.

Nick maintains regular working arrangements with lawyers around the world, which enables him to retain expert legal advice around the world for our clients.

Email: nick@paneurosolutions.com
Mobile: 07711 037330