Pam Anthony to speak at I AM WOMAN Business Club Event in Cheltenham

Pam will be a guest speaker at the forthcoming I AM WOMAN Business Club’s “Dancing with Frogs” Event to be held at The Queens Mercure Hotel in Cheltenham at 6.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 24th September.

The theme is:
DANCING WITH FROGS…how to achieve phenomenal results working with others:

  • Getting to know you and the frogs you work with
  • Managing & Employing Frogs
  • Employment schemes that can help you recruit the right frog for you

Pam will present on “Understanding and Connecting with different Personality Styles” and will give an insight on the key to recruiting and engaging and building relationships with people – who may have different personality styles to the interviewer’s own – in the shortest possible timescale in order to make a balanced decision.

This is a Cocktail and Canapé Networking Reception for successful women in business who want to gain an edge on their competitors, and with women dominating the consumer market by 85% and referring 10 times more business than their male counterparts, it is a networking event not to be missed!

For more information, please call Pam on 07880 736-575